Charity Number 1121150.

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Constitution Of Angling Club of Essex Able & Disabled.


Adopted on 14th August 2007.                                            




The association and its property will be administered and managed in accordance with the provisions in this constitution.


•The Club will be called Angling Club Essex Able & Disabled.

•The object for the club being formed is to promote the sport of angling for disabled people throughout the Essex area.

•To liase with the Enviroment Agency, The National Federation of Angler’s, Essex County Council on matters affecting angling.

•To arrange for it’s members, where possible and practical, the purchase of Angling equipment at beneficial prices.

•To help new anglers, in whatever way is appropriate including where possible, the introduction of a more experienced angler, with the view to assist during the early stages of the sport.

•The club shall have full power to do all things necessary or expedient for the accomplishment of its objects. No sectarian or party political questions shall be introduced into any meeting and no action of the club shall be directed towards the propagation of political or religious doctrines, racial or gender discrimination or take part in any political party or religious activities.

•The name of Angling Club Essex Able & Disabled shall be mentioned in all business letters of the club, notices, advertisements and other official publications of the club and payments, cheques, to be signed on behalf of the club, in all bills, invoices, receipts and letters of credit of the club.

•Membership & Subscriptions any one wishing to become a member will be required to pay a annual subscription, this will be determined by the Annual General Meeting as part of the treasurer’s report and be included in the agenda convening the meeting.

•Persons of either sex shall be eligible for ordinary membership. Partners helpers, carers etc. shall be eligible to become associate members.

•Ordinary and associate members shall be required to pay the annual subscription specified in the bylaws of the club

•The Committee shall determine application for membership.

•A member shall cease to be a member in either of the following: The members death or resignation. Non payment of annual subscription.

•A general Meeting may, by a vote of two thirds of the members present and entitled to vote, expel any member for conduct detrimental to the club, providing a notice specifying the conduct for which it is intended to expel, is sent to the member at the address entered in the register of members, at least one month prior to the date of the meeting.

• The Secretary shall allocate the keeping of an alphabetical membership list, updated annually, the following will be entered: Name and Address, Telephone Number, Date of Joining, Receipt for joining fee.

•Any member may see the entry in respect of them recorded in the official list of members. In their own interest must notify any change of address to the secretary.

•The officers of the club shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the club, it will comprise of: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Venue Secretary.

•The Annual General Meeting of the club shall elect from its membership a Management Committee comprising of 4 officers and 2 other persons. •The Management Committee shall manage all the affairs and shall control all the Finances of the Club. It shall report all its activities to the members at General Meetings.

•A quorum for meetings of Committee Management shall be 4 or such other number as may be agreed at a General Meeting.

•Finance: The treasurer shall open a chequebook account with a bank or building society in the name of the club. Payments by cheque shall require 2 authorised signatures: Treasurer, Secretary.

•Auditing of the clubs accounts shall be done annually, by an independent auditor.

•The Annual General Meeting shall be held once every calendar year at such time and place as prescribed by the Management Committee. •General meetings shall be held when deemed necessary by the Management Committee. Special meetings shall be convened at the request of any 12 Ordinary Members providing the Secretary receives in writing the specific nature of the business for which the special General meeting is required. The Management Committee shall decide the date of such meetings not later than one month after the date of request. Management •Committee Meetings shall be convened as and when necessary by the officers of the committee. Ordinary members shall be entitled to vote at all meetings and resolutions shall be determined by a majority of those present and voting. The club at an Annual General Meeting shall have the power to make, alter or revoke byelaws for the Management Committee of the club, providing that such action is on the recommendation of the Management Committee and is not inconsistent with the Constitution. All Byelaws shall be binding on all members of the club, as if they were contained within the constitution. No political or sectarian issue shall be raised or discussed at General Meetings.

•The Management Committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of the Constitution and Byelaws made hereunder. No person shall be deemed to be a member of the club, unless and until they have indicated his or her agreement to comply with the terms of the adopted •Constitution in the manner prescribed by the Management Committee. Copies of the Constitution and Byelaws shall be made available to members. The Constitution may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any Annual General Meeting, provided that the specific resolution is contained in the notice of the meeting and that the resolution shall not be deemed to be carried unless by a majority of a least two- thirds of the members attending the meeting and entitled to a vote.

•The Club shall not be dissolved, except by convening a special meeting. Each member shall be advised of this in writing by the secretary, should    the club be dissolved the funds in hand shall be donated to the Essex Air Ambulance Service.

•The club actively promotes equality for all.