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Oakford Puddledock Coleman's Cottage Dead Oaks Cutons Arrans

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Hall Farm 85- 22-05-2010 Open day at Coleman's Cottage, Lakelands Churchgate

DATE    VENUE                  POST CODE  

16th April Hall Farm        SS12 9JR              Cancelled

23th April Deadoaks       CM11 2YQ             1st Lake

28th April Oakford t/l       CM3 2NG              Top Lake

10th May MoresLane      CM14 4RU            TBA

14th May Coleman’s        CM8 3EX

18th May Cutons              CM12 6NX  

24th May Lakelands         CM3 2JL

28th May Oakford m/l       CM3 2NG              Middle Lake

7th June Oakford t/l          CM3 2NG              Top Lake

21st June Churchgate      SS11 7QR


28th June Puddledock      RM14 3NX

5th July Oakford t/l            CM3 2NG             Top Lake

9th July Deadoaks             CM 11 2YQ  

12th July Mores Lane        CM14 4RU        

23rd July Lakelands           CM3 2JL

30th July Oakford m/l        CM3 2NG             Middle Lake

2nd Aug Puddledock i/l     RM14 3NX            Island Lake

9th Aug Deadoaks             CM11 2YQ

16th Aug Churchgate b/l   SS117QR

20th Aug Oakford t/l         CM3 2NG             Top Lake

25th Aug Oakford m/l       CM3 2NG             Middle Lake

6th Sept. Oakford m/l       CM3 2NG             Middle Lake    

24th Sept. Oakford t/l       CM3 2NG             Top Lake

1st Oct.     Hall Farm        SS12 9JR

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